Perth Mint reports doubling sales of bullion and precious metal coins

The Perth Mint (hereinafter - the Mint) produces and sells coins and bullion from precious metals. Mint products enjoy great confidence of buyers from all over the world due to their high sample and guaranteed weight. The company annually produces popular coins from the Lunar, Kangaroo, Kookabarra and Koala series.

In April, the Mint sold gold and silver products in the amount of 101.3 thousand and 1.7 million ounces, respectively. Sales of yellow metal increased by 119%, and silver - by 99% compared to projected long-term indicators, which indicates stable retail demand in developed countries.

Jordan Eliseo, Mint Listing and Investment Research Manager, commented on April sales figures: "Demand is growing for the entire range of precious metals products. During the month, sales of gold and silver products roughly doubled the expected long-term performance. A moderate price rally for precious metals convinced investors of the need to buy coins and bullion while they are relatively cheap. "

Neil Vance, manager of the Mint's minted products department, said: "In April, demand for Australian Kangaroo silver and platinum investment coins weighing 1 ounce exceeded supply. Our production facilities did not meet the demand for coins from this popular series. "

Mint Depository

The total stock of precious metals in the Mint depository did not change in April 2021. Over the past 12 months, gold reserves have increased by 7%, silver - by 8% year on year. The depository allows customers to invest in gold, silver and platinum, saving precious metals in the Mint vault. The online deposit account is managed on a special online portal. This allows investors to buy and sell precious metals around the clock, without spending money on their storage and transportation.