Sucden predicts higher prices for gold and silver

The brokerage company in the commodity markets "Sucden" (UK) has published a forecast for precious metals for 2022. The report focuses on the impact of Fed policy and inflationary pressures on gray and yellow metals. Analysts of the company expect that in the near future the market for precious metals will remain unstable. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine could negatively affect the export of precious metals, energy and grain. However, by about the middle of the year, gold and silver will rise in price.

The report noted that the yellow metal is now strengthening amid continued inflationary pressures and rising fears that central banks will adopt tight monetary policy. In their opinion, the inflation rate will nevertheless begin to decline by the end of this year amid the tightening of the Fed's monetary policy. Demand for the yellow metal from central banks will grow as precious metal remains a key component of most countries' foreign exchange reserves. The main factor in the growth of the yellow metal in the short term is an increase in inflation. A negative factor for gold may be the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency has a high nominal yield and is attracting more investors and traders. According to experts, yellow metal quotes are likely to be at the level of 1720-1880 dollars per ounce.

The silver rate during the first quarter of 2022 is gradually decreasing, helped by a slowdown in industrial production. Higher demand remains for investment coins and bullion, as well as jewelry. Experts at "Sucden" predict that prices for the gray metal in 2022 will fluctuate in the range of $20.6-25.3 per ounce.