Spain issues first gold state investment coin

In 2021, Spain joined countries issuing their own gold investment coins. The country's Royal Mint has announced the launch of the first investment coin called the "Iberian Lynx" in gold. Spain has a rich numismatic past. Golden escudos were first minted in 1535. During their circulation until 1833, they were considered the main international currency.

The issue of the Iberian Lynx gold coin was approved on August 12, 2021 by the Decree of the Ministry of Economics and Digital Transformation of Spain. Its value depends on the course of gold. The text of the Decree says that the issue of the coin is important for popularizing the image and culture of Spain. The Iberian lynx is one of the rarest felines on the planet. The Iberian lynx is also known as the Pyrenean or Spanish lynx. Previously, it was considered a subspecies of an ordinary lynx. However, these are already proven to be two different species that have evolved independently of each other. A distinctive feature of the Iberian lynx is black and white chin hair and black tassels on the ears. 100 years ago, about 100 thousand lynx lived in Spain and Portugal, and by the 1960s there were about 3 thousand individuals left, since the animal became a victim of hunters. In the early 2000s, its population decreased to 100 individuals. The lynx was saved from extinction thanks to the Spanish program of breeding in captivity and releasing animals into the wild "Iberlince."

In December of this year, the Royal Mint of Spain presented to investors and numismatists an investment coin "Iberian Lynx" in gold. The gold coin is made of 0.9999 precious metal. Its diameter is 37 mm, and the weight of gold is 31.21 g (1 ounce). Face value - 1.5 euros. It's quite a small face value for gold investment coins.

The Iberian Lynx is a premium coin. It has a special quality of minting - a reverse proof, which is usually used for unique issues of investment coins in other countries. On both sides, the new coin has a matte surface, and the relief is mirrored. Minting was carried out manually using special technologies. Therefore, the "Iberian Lynx" may be included in the list of the most popular investment coins in the world.

In the center of the reverse is the head of an Iberian lynx. To the left of the main drawing, the sign of the Spanish Mint and the year of issue "2021" are minted, and the face value is indicated at the top - "1.5 EURO." At the bottom is the inscription "LINCE IBÉRICO" (in the Iberian lynx).

The obverse of the coin depicts two hemispheres crowned with a royal crown. They are surrounded by columns of Hercules, where the official motto of Spain is written on the tapes - "PLUS ULTRA" (in translation from Latin "BEYOND THE LIMIT" or "BEYOND"). On the upper rim of the reverse is minted the inscription "FELIPE VI REY DE ESPAÑA," dedicated to the monarch of Spain - Philip VI. At the bottom in a circle is the weight of the coin - "1 ONZA" and a gold sample - "999.9 ORO." The obverse and reverse legends are decorated with pine nut beads.

The circulation of the coin is 12 thousand copies. The coins come in capsules. The coins are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.